1. Pre-Application Meeting This meeting can happen early in the process to assist designers, developers, landowners of what will be expected during the permitting process. This meeting should help expedite the process. 

  • Schedule the pre-application meeting with the Community Development Department

  • Staff will answer questions and concerns regarding the development process

  • Staff will provide all required and forms

  • Staff will discuss fees and the timeline for payment during the submittal process

  • The applicant shall bring plans in for discussion, and if rezoned, bring in the rezoning package and conditions

  • Feedback about the proposal along with an overview of the application/review process will be provided during this meeting


     2.   Submittal Requirements

For the submittal to be considered complete, the following must be submitted for the plans to be approved. If any items are missing, the review process could be delayed.


A.  Land Disturbance Permit Application (included) must be completed for the City to accept the application and plans.


B.  Review Fee ‐ When the plans are initially submitted for review the applicant can pay the review fees; if there is a question about the fees and they are not paid when the plans are submitted, the fees must be paid before the City will issue their first round of comments. For a list of fees by category, see the adopted fee ordinance.


C.  The applicant must submit a copy of plans on a CD in either TIF or PDF format. The applicant must submit two (2) full sets of plans and two (2) hydrology reports. The Community Development Department will keep a copy of each set of plans and hydrology study for the file, the other set will be reviewed and redlined


D.  To help with the review process all items should be included in the plans.

  • Completed application (must be signed by property owner)

  • Completed Route Sheet

  • Completed Erosion and Sediment Control Checklist

  • Plan Review Checklist

  • Pay Review Fee

  • Electronic Copy of the Plans and Hydrology Study in pdf format

  • Two complete sets of plans that include at a minimum the :

    • Cover Sheet

    • Existing Conditions

    • Demolition Plan( if applicable)

    • Preliminary Plat ( if subdivision)

    • Site Plan

    • Grading Plan

    • Utility Plan

    • Profiles( roadway drains, sewer, walls, etc.)

    • Site Details

    • Sediment & Erosion Control Plans

    • Landscape Plans( if applicable)

    • Retaining Wall Plans( if walls are included on the site)

    • Two Copies of the Hydrology Study


   3. Plan Review Procedures

Since several agencies outside of the City will be reviewing the plans, the applicant should begin getting approvals concurrently with the City Review.  Outside agencies are required to sign and date the Route Sheet and/or stamp the plans, which will include:

  • City Staff will complete their review, which will include Erosion and Sediment Control review for compliance with NPDES.  Plan reviews will take between 10-14 business days, or longer depending on the size and complexity of the project.


  • The applicant shall submit plans to all applicable agencies as determined by the Community Development Department. It is the responsibility of the applicant to obtain all required agency approvals.


  •  The applicant should be preparing all applicable bonds at this time


    4. Plan Approval Process Requirements:

When the plans are approved, an approval letter will be emailed to the contact person listed on the application. This letter will notify the applicant of any outstanding items necessary to issue a permit. The applicant will be asked to submit at least one (1) electronic final version of all plans. The applicant must also provide all required outstanding, supporting documentation appropriate to the project (i.e. bonds, Board of Health, environmental protection district EPD, etc.) outlined in the approval letter. Once the plans are digitally signed, they will be returned electronically to the applicant. Once the permit is approved the City will contact you about arranging an on-site Pre-construction meeting with the Land Development Inspector and/or the Building Official. A permit card will be distributed at that time.


The applicant must bring a printed set of the plans to the Pre-Construction Meeting. These plans will remain onsite during construction. (Note: Individual PDF files must be provided on CD or other portable media (to be left at the City) with Approved Plans and Hydrology.

  • Development Permit Fee 

  • Proof of Payment of State NPDES Fee and Copy Primary Permittee Notice of Intent (NOI) (for developments over 1 acre of disturbance) 

  • City NPDES (NOI) Fee (for developments over 1 acre of disturbance)

  • Two (2) complete sets of Approved and Stamped Plans and an Approved Hydrology Report

  • Erosion Control Bond and Affidavit

  • All applicable Bonds - Landscape, Maintenance, Performance, etc.



    5. Plan Revision and Resubmittal Process.


Code compliance comments from the Fire Marshal and Community Development Services Department will be sent via email to the contact person listed on the application. All re-submittals must be submitted electronically along with a separate document that includes detailed responses to any comments provided. The applicant must work directly with any other outside review agencies.


   6. Pre-Construction Meeting:

The owner or engineer and contractor shall schedule the meeting with the City. The approved plans and the erosion and sediment control permit that has been issued shall be brought to the meeting. Also at the meeting, the Land Disturbance Permit shall be present and all initial phase erosion control devices shall be installed and approved by the City.


All outstanding fees must be paid to the City before any permits will be issued, including permit fees, NOI fees, and any outstanding review fees.


 Notes to Contractors:

The street address and/or suite numbers must be clearly posted at all project locations. Construction dumpsters may not be placed in the street. The inspection card and an approved set of the plans must remain on the site at all times during construction. Permits are not transferable nor are they refundable. Permits expire if work is not begun within 6 months or completed within two years of issuance.