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The Building Safety Division (BSD) is responsible for ensuring the built environment does not adversely affect the health, safety, of Stockbridge’s citizens. By performing periodic inspections, the division documents that all structures and systems are constructed in general conformance with all applicable codes, standards, and regulations. The City of Stockbridge Building Safety Division performs inspections in accordance with standards and codes adopted by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Click here for the current editions of codes enforced by the City of Stockbridge. Certified inspectors are available for each required inspection type. 


A list of required inspections for new construction and additions is available by clicking here.


A building inspection is also required for the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) by the Building Safety Division. Commercial structures will receive inspections from both the Building Safety Division and the Henry County Fire Marshal. If all the required inspections pass, a CO is issued to the owner from both Divisions.


Plumbing inspections are required when a private line is being connected to the City’s water and sewer systems. An inspection is also required if plumbing systems are being altered and/or installed. Mechanical inspections ensure that heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are safely installed, inspections also ensure the ductwork is run properly. Electrical inspections are probably the most intricate of all the trade inspections performed by the Inspections Division. Inspections may be as small as checking a circuit breaker in a home or as large as the installation of transformers and phased systems at industrial sites.


Inspection Requests
Additional Procedures





Required inspections are performed Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.



Requests received before 4:00 pm will receive an inspection the next business day.

Requests submitted after 4:00 pm will receive an inspection the 2nd business day.


After hours and weekend, inspections are available for a prepaid fee.

Call Ruby Biggers @ 678-833-3314 to schedule and pay for an After Hours or Weekend Inspection.





  • Permit cards must be clearly posted at the site and approved plans must be available for the inspector to reference prior to inspection.

  • Safe access to all areas being inspected by the City Inspector shall be made available by the Permit Holder/Contractor.

  • Provisions for acceptance of owner/contractor “qualified” (as defined by the State of Georgia) inspector written report, must have prior approval of the Chief Building Official in accordance with Local Ordinance and State Law.

  • Provisions for safety at the job site are required prior to inspection, to include, but not limited to guardrails at vertical openings, GFCI protection for temporary electrical service as required, approved installation of scaffolding structures and devices, and temporary supports.

  • Provisions for compliance with Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission guidelines for erosion and sedimentation control are required at all areas of land disturbance activities.

  • Any imposed re-inspection fees must be received prior to re-inspection.