If you are operating a business within the city limits of Stockbridge, you are required to obtain an Occupational Tax Certificate. Contact our Occupational Tax Office to verify your location prior to submitting your application at 770-389-7900.  This also applies to Home Occupations.  All applicants are required to pay a $70 Administrative Fee (at the time of initial application) along with an Occupational Tax Fee (if or when the application is approved).   All fees are non-refundable.


Occupational Tax Certificates are based on annual gross receipts with the exception of Professional Services. See O.C.G.A. 48-13-9(c) for definition listing.





Q. What do I need in order to apply for an Occupational Tax Certificate/Business License?

A. Please bring picture identification. If your business is incorporated, you must have proof of incorporation. You will be asked to complete a New Occupational Tax Application, which includes a request, for an estimate of gross revenue from your business start dates to the end of the year. 


Q. Where do I get my Tax Identification Number?

A.   Please contact the Internal Revenue Service at www.irs.gov and apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online.  Obtain your Georgia State Tax ID number from the Georgia Tax Center at https://georgia.gov/popular-topic/state-taxpayer-identification-number


Q. Where can I register a Business Name (Doing Business Name As")?

 A. Please contact the Georgia Office of the Secretary of State. 


Q. What is my business tax based on?

A. Your business tax is based upon the estimated gross receipts (For the first year only). Thereafter it is based on your company's actual gross receipts. 


Q. How long does it take to receive my Business License Certificate?

A. Turnaround time varies for each applicant. Several factors that are involved may prolong the issuance of your License.



Please DO NOT START YOUR BUSINESS until you have completed all steps necessary for your license(s). 




   1.  Complete, sign and date application
   2.  Photo ID (driver’s license) of the owner
   3.  Signed copy of lease agreement or proof of ownership for building
   4.  Copy of Certificate and Articles of Incorporation
   5.  State/Federal license or registration- if required
   6.  Food service permit- if required
   7.  Floor Plan with Square Footage


   1.  Complete, sign and date application
   2.  Photo ID (driver’s license) of the owner - address on driver's license must match the address you are applying for.
   3.  Approval from home owner’s association- if required
   4.  State/Federal license or registration- if required
   5.  Copy of Certificate and Articles of Incorporation


*Apartment residents must attach a Letter of Consent from the apartment manager on letterhead.*

 *House Renters must attach a notarized Letter of Consent from the property owner.* 




  • Occupational Tax Certificates are Renewed Annually

  • Renewal notices are emailed in August and are due by mid-October.

  • Invoices are mailed in November and are due by December 31st.

  • *Alcohol licensed retailers are required to have their licenses renewed on or before November 30th in order to sell on January 1st.



Update Your Email Contact Information here. 
Note: Occupational Tax Renewals will be sent electronically. 


Failure to receive correspondence regarding renewal or bill does not relieve the obligation to pay the occupational tax, penalty and/or interest. A 10% penalty + 1.5% per month interest fee will apply if late.