Building Permits:  plan review process and issuance of all construction permits and certificate of occupancy permits. Permits are issued Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM.   Building Permits are required for all new construction.


Other projects requiring building permits include:

  1. Interior Build-Outs                  7. Retaining Walls

  2. Room Additions                       8. Fences Over 6 ft Tall

  3. Renovations/Remodels           9. Repairs

  4. Alterations                               

  5. Elevation Changes

  6. Accessory Structures




Building permits can only be obtained by state-licensed contractors who hold a business license. Homeowners may obtain a building permit (must complete the Homeowner’s Affidavit) only if they are going to do the work themselves. Property owners must secure the services of a licensed contractor.


Trade Permits must be obtained by licensed contractors for all electrical, plumbing and HVAC work. Repair and/or installation of water lines and gas lines also require a trade permit by a licensed contractor.


Permits are required for demolition, roofing, sign and fence installations and tree removal. Contractors needing a demolition permit must submit a rodent letter, Specialty Permits acknowledgment of asbestos, service cut-off request and disclaimer statement. Tree removal permits are only issued after a tree survey has been submitted by a certified arborist and/or landscape architect.


Land Disturbance Permits are issued on earth moving (grading) projects greater than 50 cu. yds. This permit ensures that all stormwater management and erosion control measures are in place prior to construction.


All contractors and tradesmen must submit for verification:

  • Valid Driver’s License

  • Current Business License

  • Valid State License issued by GA Secretary of State

  • Code Compliance Bond or Waiver


The person applying for the permit must be the name on the state card. Otherwise, the “cardholder” must authorize another person to apply for and pick up a permit.